Terje Winther - composer

Born 1963, live on Nesodden peninsula just outside Oslo in Norway.

Terje Winther's musical background is in the gray area between modern serious music and experimental rock. He received his degree in composition and conducting from the Norwegian State Academy of Music in 1986 after studies with composer Olav Anton Thommessen and conductor Karsten Andersen. He has also studied astronomy at the University of Oslo. Through his work as both arranger and composer for various amateur and professional musicians, he has developed a wide range of practical experience in the music community.

How music relates to non-musical realities, the relationship between music and other arts, and the function of music have always been of concern to Winther. His search for expansion of the horizons of music experience through content and communication has lead the composer to choose a wide register of expression, in which contradictory elements become fused into uniform compositions.

He is now a member of The Norwegian Composers' Society. During 1992-93 he was the chairman of The New Music Composers' Group in Norway. Winther's music is accessable through The Norwegian Music Information Center, and is copyrighted by TONO.